Simple Salad with Moong Sprouts :)

Here is the doodle recipe for salad using moong sprouts and veges 🙂


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Eat it and be healthy :)  


Paakathey paakathey :)

I got down from my cab and while walking towards my home I switched on FM. A song from varuthapadaatha valibar sangam was playing….

Paakathey paakathey haiyayo paakathey

Ne paatha parakuren paadha marakuren

Pecha koraikiren satunuthaan

Naan nekka sirikiren naakka kadikiren

Sokka nadikiren pattunu thaan

Intha oru paarvaiyala thaana naaney naanum pazhanen

After hearing these lines I travelled two years backwards in my memory lane, where I had these paakathey paakathey moments with my D.

Those moments ………:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

When we planned to meet for first time after proposing and he was waiting for me in the bus stand and I was struggling to locate him. He saw me first and he was giving directions of how to reach him. At last I saw him and it was like he was staring at me… I couldn’t control my shyness, I couldn’t raise my head again, I was smiling like crazy, even though I tried a lot not to smile while crossing the road to reach him.

While eating snacks at Ascendas IT park,  he took my hand and when I saw him questioningly he was trying to remove my ring . He removed and started playing with it. I told him it was my lucky ring and my mom gifted me for my bday. He stopped playing and slowly inserted the ring back into my finger… all the way while inserting he was seeing me, into my soul …I was breathless… was like awww pls don’t see me like that I might go mad and fall in love with you again and again.

While meeting him for the second time…I was sitting in the bus stop and he came in bike…stopped right in front of me …removed his helmet …shook his head…smoothed his disarrayed hair…and saw me…all the time I was watching his each and every action…but when he looked at me…I turned my head and started acting like I dint see him ..But he knows I did and his (gotcha)smile at me was the proof.

While having lunch with him at nesra restaurant…I was starving and when the ordered food were at our table…he first served me …each and everything we ordered and asked me to eat first…that moment I saw care and love in his eyes and I was at cloud 9 to have him all my life.

When we were shopping in mantri mall…going through the cloth section…bag section…everything section we went…he took something…and would ask me with his eyes if I want it or I like it…I would reply him no 😛 or will make yew reaction wantedly 😛

When he came to see me with his family…and when I gave him coffee…he didn’t take it and instead was staring at me… I was blushing and said ‘coffee eduthukonga’…he took but continued to stare at me all evening till he left my home. That moment was awesome. I felt was like…hmmm I don’t know how to explain…may be the above said lyrics would explain 😀

When we were in Skype… he looks at me and says u look beautiful …I would feel coy…I would go speechless and would be smiling ear to ear 😀

Thanks to whoever broadcast-ed that awesome song…:) I could live again with those moments…Silly me 😀 Still am smiling coyly ….

Until I see D…. I would cherish those moments …:D

Breaking the suspense :)

So shall i break the suspense ????????

Am i Hearing Yes ????????

Ok ok here goes the news 🙂

After many years of struggle, problems, its going to happen…happen what ?? guessing huh ??

Its my Wedding…and the date is set 🙂 Yay ….yahhhoooo 🙂

Not any time soon 😦

But am happy that they have fixed the date 🙂 It happened after a series of fight with D 🙂

Oh yayyy Kutty is going to marry D on April 13th 2014 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 



Oh Dear Blog :) Am back :)

Hi dear Bf’s (blog friends)

 Uh… . I know I know I havent been here recently….And after I completed writing this line, my blog made a grunt noise and popped out of the screen ,I convinced my blog and explained it why I was missing.

A long convsersation ahead.

My Blog: Recently Oiy…kill you; you ignored me completely for the past three months.

Me: I was stuck, I couldn’t write to you anything, am sorry.

MB: I don’t need your sorry. Stuck? How come? You ran out of words or your mind became blank?

Me: None of the above…

MB: Grrr am not conducting a quiz so that you could provide me an option. I want reason. Why the hell you avoided me?

Me: You know well that I used to write to you while am at office. But now they have blocked all the blogging sites and I couldn’t see you or write to you any longer.

MB: Oh ho! Pretty bad 😦 I hate those people who blocked me.

Me: Ahh me too . So are we friends now like before 🙂

MB: No way.. I am not done with this your explanation. So they blocked me at ur ofz. Don’t you have a PC or laptop in ur home

Me: Uh uh I am having PC but its not working anymore and I don’t have a laptop too

MB: Why can’t you get that PC repaired?…Grrr dappa PC!!!…. Well why can’t you get a new Laptop?

Me: With that repair cost I will get a new PC…romba adevaangiduchu . And laptop…. Huff…if  I ask ‘ Amma Laptop vaangikava?’ (Amma can I get a laptop?) and my amma’s reply would be … Athaan thambiku college la tharuvaangalama..inum edhukuda pudhusa vera vaangi waste pananum.(They will give free laptop to ur brother na in his college, they why to get a new one )

So I was waiting for that laptop.

MB: You are a miser.

Me: I know but think, I can’t waste money unnecessarily.

MB: Oh but you can ignore me? So what about your mobile… You know mobile blogging?

Me: I can’t blog with my dappa mobile, but you know, I was visiting you from time to time.

MB: What you were lurking around your own blog? My goodness …You know even chipmunk banged ur door …

Me: CM is cho chweet to check on me 🙂 Thanks CM, meant a lot to me.

And bloggie… pls pardon me… See now am back and am writing to you…

MB: @#!$%^&*%$#@%$^

Me: What’s that?

MB: My language of scolding you. Ok you are forgiven. I am glad that you are back. So tell me what and all happened in your life in the past three months.

Me: Thank You dear blog.  Let me start 🙂

  • I got laptop which was given to my brother in his college. So now it’s officially mine and hence this post 🙂 My first post with this new Laptop.
  • I completed my first year of MBA. Hush…. The exams were tough and am afraid about the results now 😦
  • I was held back late at ofz for the past month with work and guess what I have been rewarded for all the hardwork that I did. Oh yes… I got Summit Award 🙂
  • Visited Bangalore for my friends marriage
  • Had a bad sprain in my ankle, got bandaged and was limping for that entire week.
  • Experimented many things in kitchen in the absence of my amma. Some turned out delicious and some were disaster.
  • Was googling lot about DIY craft projects and bought some materials to try it out.
  • Got addicted to TV and was watching like anything until amma shouts – Aggrrhhh would u pls turn it off …am getting headache…
  • Fought with My D like anything…for everything…Don’t know what happened to me…am just fighting with him all day 😦
  • My journey to Ofz stopped through public transport  and now Opted for CAB. Grrr its boring…
  • Learnt how to tie sariiii fastly. I used to take some 45 mins prev and now its 15 mins 🙂
  • Last but not least… One happy news…big news of my life…..Shld I tel you in this post?

MB: Oh yes Ofcourse 🙂 I hate suspense.

Me: But I Love suspense hehe 🙂

MB:Tell and gooooooo…………My blog was screaming at me and here I clicked Publish Post button and published the post 🙂

I am back and I am glad…happy…to write again ..yay 🙂



Kutty’s Love – My Reply :)

Continued from here

He mistook my silence and disconnected the call. All I could do was smile ear to ear. Few mins later he texted me asking if am angry and not to break our friendship due to this. I couldn’t reply back coz I dint have message card and my balance is also low (National msg,since he statyed in hyd.. so 1.50 rs/-).All I had was one rupee . I was just staring at the message thinking what to do. Again in I got another message saying that “I know you are angry. Pls don’t make this an issue by saying to ur mom. I won’t disturb u ever again in this “. I needed to tell him badly that I loved him back and will marry him, only him 🙂 But unfortunately I couldn’t. By 10.PM I got a message from -“I will call you after 11.PM today”. I felt very happy. But waiting for that one hour seemed like one day. And suddenly I got a stupid idea. His bday falls on July 4 and why can’t I convey my love on that day so it will be special. I fixed that in my mind and rehearsed how to react when he called me.

“Ahh…actually D it was unexpected and I didn’t know how to react and I need some time to think about it”

I practiced this line several times 🙂 The clocked ticked 11 PM and my D called me.
He was silent for a min or two. I too maintained that silence. Then he started the conversation.

My D: Hmmm about that proposal……
(Forgot all the line that I practiced and started shooting questions at him :P)
Me:U remember, you told me once that you won’t love anybody and you don’t believe in Love.
(He didn’t expect this question and after few sec)
My D: Oh…uh…that was …hmmm u know long time back.
Me: Oh…So, now what happened
My D: U changed me.
Me: Changed u ah? I dint get u
My D: I mean u changed my views about Love
Me: Hmmm Why u asked me the question – Will u marry me? Instead of saying I love u.
(He was expecting my answer for his question instead I am asking questions :D)
My D: I don’t know why I said that, but I want to marry you.
Me: Ohhhh So do u love me ?
My D: Hmmm I think so.
Me: Think so huh??? Then why did u ask me to marry you even if u are not sure that u love or not.
My D: Ayo Loosu Pls stop asking questions. Asking questions is easy and replying for those questions is very difficult.
Me: Mmmm
My D: I don’t know how to explain u. I had a thought that I would be happy if I marry u. I like you very much. Your character and the way u behave all made me think like this. I think am in Love. I have never felt like this before.
Me: (Secretly enjoying his answer with a big grin in my face.)
My D: So what’s ur answer?
Me: At this moment I dint know what to say. I was very happy and started blabbering.
Hmmm… I didn’t think of …uh u know this situation and I need to ask mom..ahh can I think and tell u …give me some time till july 1st week..ok ?
My D: (He got tensed when I said I need to ask mom) Hey I told u not to say this to ur mom. It will ruin our family relationship. Pls don’t say.
Me: Ok ok I won’t but what if she dint approve of this.
My D: Oh…So for u ok va…
Me: No No….Not that. I dint say ok yet. I wanted to think.
My D: Pls loosu don’t make me wait long. Even if it’s no …say soon.
Me: Uh..what if I say NO 😦
My D: I won’t marry any other girl. And I will immerse myself in science (He wanted to do PhD)
Me: Hmmm ok ok (I was happy u see…He won’t marry other gals…hehehe )
My D: Ok for what?
Me: Hey don’t ask questions.
My D: GRRRRRR :@ Ok then I will call u tomo at the same time. Bye 🙂
Note: All these conversations happened at the middle of the night. Me hiding under the blanket and whispering (I mean speaking to him). Initially I was afraid to talk without my parents knowing. Then my fears were overridden with the moments that I was expecting him to spend with me.

We Started speaking regularly during night times and daily he used to fill me with thoughts like how he used to watch me… how he likes me doing that… this….One week after our above conservation, he suddenly said those magic words – “I LOVE U” 🙂 I was mesmerized in those words and replied ME TOO 🙂
He asked me….what …what u said now…Then I realized what I said and I started to cover-up my act. He bugged me until I agreed I loved him too and was waiting to confess this on his bday. He sounded very happy 🙂
It was easy to say ME TOO than to say LOVE YOU. Even though we were talking in phone, I felt he was nearby and felt very shy to utter those words. He was very adamant to hear those words from me and he waited nearly two days.

I gathered my courage, happiness, love, and told him I LOVE U on 29-June-2010 🙂
Love you D 🙂 Cho Much 🙂

Kutty’s Love – D’s Proposal :)

I want this to be special cum personal and his proposal moment was very close to my heart. So i decided to pen it down and posting it as an image here. Please adjust with my handwriting. I hope u guys can read without any problem 🙂

D's proposl

And my reply to his proposal will be in next post 🙂 My reply is a dumb one and pls don’t expect high 🙂

My journey to the Office :)

It will take one hour to reach my office and I use a personal driver for two wheeler (my dad or my uncle he he :P),  two share auto’s and a  train.

The journey modes are like – first my dad or my uncle will drop me at the nearest bus top which will take 10 min’s in two wheeler.

Second, I will catch a share auto from there to reach local train station, which will take 15 min’s.

Third, I will board a train and get down at the next station in another three min’s, cross the road and go to bus top.

Fourth, I will catch a share auto from there and will reach the IT Park in 20 min’s.

Fifth, I will walk for 10 min’s to reach my office building.

Travelling in share auto is really a risky thing according to me. The auto drivers drive like crazy. I am scared to sit at the back seat and daily I will wonder whether I will reach my destination safely. Let me tell you the behaviors of them which made me scary.

If any of the fellow auto guy crosses them, they take as if he had competed him and now starts the race. Yeah, Auto Race. They drive dangerously, blow the horns repeatedly if any of the vehicles is interrupting their way. They will drive fast and put a sudden brake such that all the passengers at the back will come forward and bump their head or get hurt. They don’t go slow in the speed breakers too, and we will go up from the seat and come down. The turns they take and the way they handle the break, the accelerating speed… OMG all will be like riding in a roller coaster ride. At least there will be a protection belt and in this we don’t have that too.  😦 Another thing is the auto guy expects his auto with people overflowing in it, he will ask us to adjust and we would be literally sitting in next persons lap. 

And in the train, while boarding I couldn’t go first because I need to get down at the next station. And if I go first I couldn’t make it to stand near the door since people will be pushing and I will go at last. So usually I will board as last person and need to stand firm. Because people will make themselves ready to get down at the next station by slowly moving towards the door and pushing the people standing there and we need to remind them that still time is there to get down so please don’t push.

I will be tired in this auto and train journey even though it is short. Then comes the biggest part of walking. Oh god, why can’t they have a shuttle from front gate to each office building? I will walk slowly towards my building and after reaching my desk it will be like happa at last I reached 😀